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The Department of Chemistry X-ray Core Laboratory at UNC Chapel Hill (XCL) serves to support research, education, and outreach efforts within and outside of the University.  XCL’s active collaboration with University Core Laboratories including Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory (CHANL) and Macromolecular Crystallography Core (MX) provides efficient and comprehensive analytical strategy for research needs.

The XCL houses a single Crystal X-ray diffractometer, Bruker SMART Apex II, which is excellent for routine and absolute structure determination. Service includes SC-XRD structure determination and user training for both SC- and powder XRD techniques. Additional experiments at Argonne National Laboratory, SCrAPS – Synchrotron Crystallography at Advanced Photon Source, are carried out three times a year for samples that diffract too weakly using the conventional radiation source at the facility.

XCL provides both client- and user-based services where clients enjoy the convenience of the service, and users gain privilege and flexibility in instrument operation, data collection, and structure solution and refinement with or without the assistance of the XCL personnel. To become a proficient user, requirements such as passing the X-ray Crystallography course as well as instrument-specific and safety training and exams need to be fulfilled.