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XCL provides both client- and user-based services where clients enjoy the convenience of the service, and users gain privilege and flexibility in instrument operation, data collection, and structure solution and refinement with or without the assistance of the XCL personnel. To become a proficient user, requirements such as passing the X-ray Crystallography course as well as instrument-specific and safety training and exams need to be fulfilled.

XCL services are fully integrated into the Agilent CrossLab (iLab) system.  You may register and request various services via iLab.

User Training *

In addition to passing both the laboratory and radiation safety exams, users are trained via one of the following methods:

  1. A full-semester, graduate level X-ray Crystallography course with grade P or above.
  2. A standard user training consists of 5 sessions**, including theory and experiments.

*    User training is only available to the University and external academic collaborators.

**  The number of sessions may vary based on the prior experience in X-ray crystallography.  Please consult with the XCL director.